The Mix Talks MTV VMAs 2015 – THE MIX 08-31-2015 – GIOTV

Last night was the MTV Video Music Awards.  If you didn’t watch you missed out.  If you didn’t follow my tweets and watch my Periscope commercial break broadcasts, you ALSO missed out.

Tradition did carry out thought.  There were plenty of “OMG” moments just like there often is on the VMAs.  Here are the Top 5 moments “Good Morning America” spoke about this morning.

  1. Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj performed the opening number together.
  2. Miley Cyrus hosted the show (with such a lack of class I might add)
  3. Justin Beiber returned in an emotional performance
  4. Apparently Kanye West is running for president
  5. Taylor Swift was a big winner

Of course I took to YouTube today to talk about ALL of this and much more on THE MIX.  Take a look at the video below and have a fantastic Monday!!

Journalist Shootings, Clinton, Trump, Downton, and The View – THE MIX 08-30-2015 – GIOTV

My first live show and it was great!!  Watch again here!!  Discussing the journalist shootings in Virginia, Hillary Clinton thinking Republicans are terrorists, Donald Trump being rude to EVERYBODY, Downton Abbey’s upcoming final season, and an all new View!!  That and more on THE MIX!!

Caleb Graham – DEMO REEL – August 2015

I created a DEMO REEL of clips from some of my videos.  Hopefully this will be helpful to me in the future.  I also am wanting to improve it.  Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!!

Couches in the women’s bathrooms, Top 10 on iTunes and more!! – THE MIX – 08/24/2015 – GIOTV

Why can’t boys have a couch in the bathroom?

Twitter/Instagram/Periscope @calebgraham

Caleb & Olivia Visit Goofy @ Ravello at Four Seasons Orlando – GIOTV

The other day on THE MIX I showed a little clip of when I visited the Four Seasons recently with my friend Olivia.  Here is the full video 🙂 Enjoy!!

Dippin Dots 8/23/1989 – THE MIX

I got this new app that lets you film in a VHS CamCorder mode.  It is awesome.  Take a look!!

GIOTV – Through the Years

GIOTV, previously knows as Gray In Oz has been my blog and YouTube Channel for 7 years.  There has been a lot of fun had over that time.  Here is a look back at 7 years of my blog!!