The City Beautiful.  I have lived here for almost five years.  It has become my home. NEVER thought I'd say I live in the city which is now home to what is the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.  The largest terror attack since 9/11/01. What a statement.  What a week for Orlando. Three tragedies … Continue reading #ORLANDOSTRONG

Exploring Animal Kingdom – Part Two – Dinoland – The MIX

Dinoland is one of the most interactive and fun places in Animal Kingdom if you ask me.  There are so many fun things to do and see... and EAT!!  Some yummy in my tummy moments for sure up in there. In today's episode of The MIX, Matt and I explore some of the fun that … Continue reading Exploring Animal Kingdom – Part Two – Dinoland – The MIX

Exploring Animal Kingdom – Part One – Everest – The MIX

So I super love animals and all of the fun attractions at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  My friend Matt joined me there recently in his first appearance on The MIX.  We HAD to start the day off by riding one of my favorite roller coasters ever... EXPEDITION EVEREST!!  So much fun!! One of these days I … Continue reading Exploring Animal Kingdom – Part One – Everest – The MIX

A Visit to Sprinkles – The MIX

If you know me, you know I enjoy sweets from time to time.  A Sprinkles cupcake store opened up in Disney Springs recently so I went to check out this cupcake ATM that everyone has been talking about.  Take a look at what happened on the latest episode of The MIX   https://youtu.be/qPq5NcNFoH8

Breakfast With the Wettstains – The MIX

One of my favorite things to do at Disney World is eat!  Some of the best restaurants around in my opinion are at Disney.  Chef's Mickey's is by far one of the most fun.  Here is a look at my morning there recently with my friends the Wettstains. https://youtu.be/u4bErAl4G8s

Welcome Summer 2016

Today is June 7, 2016.  It isn't officially summer yet, but it definitely feels like it.  The sad thing is, it's not even as hot as it probably is going to be. As I sit here in my parent's house... It's hard to call it their home, because it isn't.  The home that was ours … Continue reading Welcome Summer 2016

NC Wedding Week Five Years Later – The MIX

Happy Monday everyone!! Today begins Season Three of The MIX.  Five years ago my best friends John Michael and Lindsay got married in North Carolina.  Of course I covered it on a Four Part episode of Gray In Oz The Video Blogs.  On Saturday May 28, MOST of us got together for their five year … Continue reading NC Wedding Week Five Years Later – The MIX

Opening Sequence – Season Three – Summer 2016 – The MIX

When I did Gray In Oz The Video Blogs I used to always have an "opening sequence" that began each episode.  I decided to bring that format back for season three of The MIX. Here is the opening for the new season. 🙂 https://youtu.be/kho7_3vI3kU

Season Three Trailer – Summer 2016 – The MIX

Here is the trailer for the new season of The MIX! https://youtu.be/t-dby-XMYXE

I’m Back, THE MIX returns, and beyond.

Hello blogosphere! It has been about nine months since I was active on this website.  Many time have I tried to  keep this blog active and many times have I failed.  This is going to be another attempt.  I get quite busy at times with work and life which takes me away from doing this … Continue reading I’m Back, THE MIX returns, and beyond.