Prayers for London

Today my heart is heavy as the world mourns alongside the city of London, England as they recover from the terrorist attack that occurred there yesterday. I have many friends who live in London as well as across the United Kingdom.  No one enjoys the immediate panic thoughts and the texts and messages to those … Continue reading Prayers for London

UPDATE: My Journalism Journey Thus Far

I am a student of journalism.  I have been for some time now.  Do I want to be a journalist? Absolutely! Why?  Because I am truth seeker.  I have always been the one to ask questions.  Once in a job, I was told I ask TOO many questions.  I knew from that day on that … Continue reading UPDATE: My Journalism Journey Thus Far

Inspirational Places

Do you have a place that is inspirational to you?  Does this place make you come alive with creativity and ideas?  What is this place for you?  Or is there a specific time that you feel this way?  I am curious to know. For me this place is home.  I feel I am the most … Continue reading Inspirational Places

Daylight Savings Time

That dreaded time that occurs annually during the month of March has hit us all hard once again.  The social buzz online seems more on fire this time than it has ever in the past. A lot of people have said that they think the government should get rid of that practice. I can go … Continue reading Daylight Savings Time