Prayers for London

Today my heart is heavy as the world mourns alongside the city of London, England as they recover from the terrorist attack that occurred there yesterday.

I have many friends who live in London as well as across the United Kingdom.  No one enjoys the immediate panic thoughts and the texts and messages to those you know and love to make sure they are ok.  Thankfully everyone I know was fine.  But for some that was not the case.  For some in other parts of the world, they live this kind of panic and stress every day.

Today my thoughts and prayers are with the people of London.  They are also with the people in ISIS controlled areas.  They are with the people of North Korea who live in a state of constant fear of their government.  I remember those in law enforcement and military groups who are on a heightened state of alert all over the world now and the terror threat continues to grow.  My thoughts and prayers are with the people of the world.

We are living in very uncertain times.  Live each day as your last.  Never forget to tell your loved ones that you DO love them.  Share love, give love, be love.

Be blessed this day!

Caleb 🙂


UPDATE: My Journalism Journey Thus Far

I am a student of journalism.  I have been for some time now.  Do I want to be a journalist?


Why?  Because I am truth seeker.  I have always been the one to ask questions.  Once in a job, I was told I ask TOO many questions.  I knew from that day on that I was meant to work in news.  It  has been quite some time since I came to that revelation.  In the meantime I have fulfilled some other dreams.  I am very grateful that I did too!

A couple of years ago I began taking classes again online in order to start my journey to becoming a professional journalist.  Due to some setbacks and mistakes on my part I have fallen behind.  Basically I owe a school money due to a detail I overlooked about financial aid.  So without too much detail I am sort of at a standstill.

While I am paying of the debt I owe to continue my education I have discovered MOOCs.

Now what in the world is an MOOC you may ask?  It stands for Mass Open Online Courses.

These are often free courses that you can take online, sometimes with a professor monitoring your progress.  But often you are doing a self-paced course.  In most instances the course itself is free and once you complete it, you can pay a small fee to receive a certificate from the institution that created the class showing that you completed it.  These certificate in turn can be added to your resume to show you are certified in this particular area.

I figured that since my hunger for a journalism education is so strong I could try out some of these and learn some things on my own so that I may apply them when I do begin working in the field.

Hopefully if all goes well, I will be back in a university continuing to learn more and gain experience by the end of the year.  Until then I am going to post some things that I am learning through these MOOCs and my thoughts on the path I have chosen!

Stay tuned!


Inspirational Places

Do you have a place that is inspirational to you?  Does this place make you come alive with creativity and ideas?  What is this place for you?  Or is there a specific time that you feel this way?  I am curious to know.

For me this place is home.  I feel I am the most creative when I am visiting the place where I grew up.  I feel more artistic.  More free there.  Maybe it’s because my parents don’t judge as harshly as the world when they hear me hit a bad note or sing a wrong word… 🙂

It is often difficult for us and our on the go busy lives that we all live nowadays to find time for small pleasures.  Examples for me would be sitting down and enjoying a book, singing, writing in a journal, taking a walk, spending time with family and friends, or studying something that I am interested in.

We all have these little pleasures that we enjoy.  I hope that you will soon find your inspirational place and spend some much needed time there.

Maybe the thought of spending your weekend this way will help you to get through the rest of your week!

Happy Hump Day!

Daylight Savings Time

That dreaded time that occurs annually during the month of March has hit us all hard once again.  The social buzz online seems more on fire this time than it has ever in the past.

A lot of people have said that they think the government should get rid of that practice.

I can go along with majority and say that I am sure I would enjoy the abolishment of Daylight Savings Time.  Mainly because this year it happened during my vacation.  So yes it was nice to not have to get up.  I did however lose an hour of my vacation.

I would love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment and let me know what you think about this topic.

Happy Monday!

Caleb 🙂