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In 2006 I began the next chapter after high school of going to college.

After four years of time there I left to pursue a dream of performing at Walt Disney World.

That dream came true and I have now been here for almost 6 years!

I sadly left college without having finished my degree.

About three years ago I decided that it was time to begin the process of finishing my degree and pursuing my other dream of a journalism career.

I LOVE people and one of my many passions in the journalism field is bring the truth to the world and performing a public service that has been manipulated so much in recent days that it is hard to recognize what the truth actually is.

I want to be apart of a movement to change that and bring back journalism with integrity.

I need your help.
School costs.
A lot sadly.

When I was in school in the past I took out more student loan money than I care to mention.  This is an option that no longer exists for me.

I actively am pursuing knowledge through free online content to better educate myself in the only way I know how by researching and reading.  Unfortunately not all resources that I would need to learn about are available in free content.

I want to be proud of my knowledge and proud of my profession.  In order to do that I need to be apart of what it takes to get there.

What is that you may ask?

A journalism degree program.

I have spent the last six years of my life doing my best to make magic and memories for the people I meet at Disney.

Now I am hoping for some magic of my own.

I need $2000 to get started.

That’s the cost of one class.  Fees and such included.

What in the grand scheme of things doesn’t sound like much money is so far out of reach for me.

So I humble myself and reach out.

In the past year I have worked to try and help my parents survive due to thier overwhelming circumstances that they deal with.
I want to be able to help them more.  My education can help me in that direction.

I appreciate any donation and hope that my gratefulness will shine above anythings words can express.

To contribute to my campaign please visit

Help me to help the world with this dream of mine.

Thank you!

Many blessings!

Caleb Graham


My People Fund – DollyWood Foundation

I have been posting a lot about Gatlinburg and what has happened in Tennessee and across the South with wildfires.  For several reasons.  One and mainly because I love the south and I love these places.  Also because I want to keep it fresh on people’s minds since the media isn’t covering it as much as it should be in my opinion.

If you’re like me you often are always saying to yourself, “I wish I could help!” or “I wish there was something I could do!”

The great thing is, there IS something you can do!  If you can’t give your time and be there physically to help out you can donate money to help these people rebuild their lives!

One of my idols since my childhood when Mama and I would listen to her in the jeep and sing our hearts out is Dolly Parton.  Not only is she an amazing artist and talent, she is an amazing giver.  She gives back!  In so many ways.

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On the night of Nov. 28, 2016, terrible wildfires affected the Great Smoky Mountains around Gatlinburg, TN where I grew up.  The firefighters, first responders, the Red Cross and many other organizations have done an incredible job in their emergency response efforts.  Now as we look to the future, there are a lot families who will need our help rebuilding and restoring their lives and the beautiful land we all call home.  I’ve always believed that charity begins at home and that’s why I’ve asked my companies to help me establish a fund to assist the victims of the Great Smoky Mountain wildfires in Tennessee. (From the Dollywood Foundation Website).

Immediately after the events occurred in Tennessee, Dolly was right there setting up a special fund through her Dollywood Foundation called the “My People Fund.”  Those choosing to give to this fund have their donations directly sent to victims of this tragedy.  Dolly has pledged to give $1000 a month to these people until they can get back on their feet.  How amazing is that?!

Now if you’re like me and live paycheck to paycheck, you may think you can’t or shouldn’t do this.  The answer is you can.  Think about it this way.  Say you treat yourself once a week to something like a meal at your fav fast food place.  Or maybe you go down to the pub and have a drink.  Maybe you buy a new piece of clothing or an accessory for your technology.  Maybe even a drink at the snack machine, or a song on iTunes.

Whatever it may be, I challenge you to give that little luxury up this week and give that money to those who have lost everything in these wildfires.

For those who don’t have those little luxuries, I also understand your side.  You’re thinking you could use some donations yourself.  I hear you!  For you I ask for prayers.  I ask for good energy.  I ask for good thoughts.  Anything positive you can send to these people who so desperately need some little miracles.  In turn I will lift up prayers and positivity for you.

Dolly does this from her heart because she cares about people.  Especially those in her home state.  I can tell you that if I were in her position I would definitely make some much needed changes in Alabama.  I can only pray that I am one day in a position to do so.

If you feel led to give to the “My People Fund” head on over to the Dollywood Foundation My People Fund Website and give what you can.  No matter what you may think I can tell from experience that every little bit does count!

Let us create a “circle of love” around these people and let them know that we stand with them!

I leave you with this video of Dolly and Jennifer Nettles singing that song last week on “The Voice”

Happy Hump Day!