Continuing To Pursue The Dream:
This is my new blog series where I share my story of returning to college to complete my Bachelor’s degree in my thirties.

The “thirtysomethings” are typically the time in a lot of people’s lives where they are established in their career or chosen path. They’re perhaps continuing to do what they can to excel in life. Then there are those of us who may not quite be there yet. Then again, everyone has their own story to tell, and this one is mine.

Join me on my journey in the blog posts listed below!

Part One – Dreams Are Hard To Make Into Reality

Part Two – Lost In The Wilderness

Part Three – A Light In The Dark

Part Four – Back In Class

Part Five – Unprecedented (Coming Soon)

Part Six – Digital Journalism (Coming Soon)

Part Seven – A Change In Me (Coming Soon)

Part Eight – Intermission (Coming Soon)