Impartiality VS. Point-of-View

When you go looking for a news story to read or a news program to watch on television do you prefer to read or watch those types of organizations that are 100% impartial and only report the facts and nothing else?  Or do you enjoy catching some of those that share a little of their … Continue reading Impartiality VS. Point-of-View

Course Complete

I am excited to announce that I have completed my first MOOC on Udemy. This course challenged me in many ways. Hearing knowledge and learning lessons from a leading journalist is something that we journalism students dream of. It encouraged me to continue pursuing this dream.  And also challenged me to constantly be searching for … Continue reading Course Complete

Journalism Today

Journalists are to be independent, knowledgeable and unbiased. Freedom of the press as outlined in the Bill of Rights is what makes a democratic society thrive and succeed.