Is the excerpt from the new Phasma book giving us a story we’ve already seen?

Is the excerpt from the new Phasma book giving us a story we’ve already seen?

Star Wars has released a new excerpt from the new book PHASMA by Delilah S. Dawson.

In the excerpt we learn that Phasma is from a desolate planet called Parnassos.  On this planet the people are scavengers who watch for shipwrecks to gain supplies to survive on.  (Sound familiar?)

Phasma herself is the self-proclaimed “greatest warrior of Parnassos.”

In a recent episode of The Mix here on Caleb Graham TV Matt Ridge and I spoke about how we have seen a situation like this before with Rey on Jakku in Star Wars: The Force Awakens film.

In both Phasma and Rey’s cases we see them beginning their story on a desolate planet of scavenger inhabitants that live and survive off of things that they find from spaceships that crash on the planet.  Rey even lives in a wreck of an Imperial AT-AT Walker.

Cover art from

Another similarity that we see is that Phasma is an established kick-a$$ presence on her home planet.  On Jakku in The Force Awakens we see Rey as a very sure of herself take no crap presence.  Both of these women know how to protect themselves.

A slight contrast is that in Rey’s case she is recruited to the Resistance.  In Phasma’s case she is recruited by the First Order.

There is word going around on social media that Captain Phasma may be the “new” Darth Vader of the current trilogy of films and will turn out to be Rey’s mother.

An interesting assumption that I am absolutely ok with.

What do you think?  Share your thoughts.

To read the full excerpt from the new novel out on September 1 visit the Official Star Wars Website


BLOG 50! Springtime for EPCOT – The Mix

What better to use for my 50th blog post than the season four premiere of The Mix!

Every year I look forward to the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival and this year was no acceptation.  Enjoy a quick look at what Matt and I did there on St. Patrick’s Day.

Are you going to Flower & Garden this year?  Let me know your favorite things to do in the comments!

BB-8 Now Meeting at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Who? – BB-8

What? – One of a kind droid

When? – Daily

Where? – Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

On Sunday April 9, 2017 BB-8 began appearing inside Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

Guests may now interact and take photos with the small droid daily from park open to park close. 

Yes you can even give him a hug!

Are you excited to meet everyone’s favorite Star Wars roly poly?

Exploring Animal Kingdom – Part Two – Dinoland – The MIX

Dinoland is one of the most interactive and fun places in Animal Kingdom if you ask me.  There are so many fun things to do and see… and EAT!!  Some yummy in my tummy moments for sure up in there.

In today’s episode of The MIX, Matt and I explore some of the fun that is to be found there.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Dinoland?

Exploring Animal Kingdom – Part One – Everest – The MIX

So I super love animals and all of the fun attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  My friend Matt joined me there recently in his first appearance on The MIX.  We HAD to start the day off by riding one of my favorite roller coasters ever… EXPEDITION EVEREST!!  So much fun!!

One of these days I am going to figure out a way to actually video the entire experience, but this gives you a pretty good idea without me completely losing my camera.

What is your favorite thing to do at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?  Have you tried any of the new nighttime offerings?


A Visit to Sprinkles – The MIX

If you know me, you know I enjoy sweets from time to time.  A Sprinkles cupcake store opened up in Disney Springs recently so I went to check out this cupcake ATM that everyone has been talking about.  Take a look at what happened on the latest episode of The MIX


Breakfast With the Wettstains – The MIX

One of my favorite things to do at Disney World is eat!  Some of the best restaurants around in my opinion are at Disney.  Chef’s Mickey’s is by far one of the most fun.  Here is a look at my morning there recently with my friends the Wettstains.