Imagination Has No Limits

Am I perfect? HA! I’m far from it, but I love to write, and I love to share my thoughts and adventures with others.

I’m a firm believer in the theory that imagination has no limits. There truly is no end to what we as people can accomplish if we just set our minds to it. I can certainly attest to this as I hope to share in posts in the coming days.

This photo here was a selfie I took recently while enjoying the carousel at Walt Disney World. So many magical memories were made with some friends visiting from out of town over the weekend.


Growing up, my mother who I call Mama was always snapping photos, or taking video clips on the VHS camera of me, our family and friends. This occurred just about anytime there was something going on. Literally, we would go to my Maw-maw or Nanny’s house, my cousin Lindsey would come over, or I would go out in the yard to play and there was usually Mama following me with the camera.

It’s hard to say if her obsession with documenting our lives can be the cause of me now always aiming to do the same thing in my daily adventures, but needless to say, I always try to be camera ready.

For me, like Mama, I think it’s about the memories more than anything. With technology helping us nowadays to see our memories each and every day, I feel it’s more important than ever to capture moments of our daily lives through our various lenses so we can remember things and essentially write our own history.

The key for me though is to make sure I am not always seeing everything in life through the eyes of my camera lens or my iPhone. Enjoying life organically, taking it all in as they say and creating memories in your mind is just as important and documenting them with a camera.

I worry our culture has become so wrapped up in social media and not only documenting, but posting every single aspect of life, we’re forgetting to actually enjoy things in the moment and not being so focused on making sure you get the perfect shot for Instagram.

In full transparency, I have often found myself doing the same thing. I’m so worried about trying to get the right thing “for the gram” I end up completely missing the moment altogether.

There can certainly be a feeling of being let down when you don’t receive as many likes on photos. I for one don’t receive a lot of likes anymore now that I’m not “famous” like I was when I was performing at Disney. While I certainly did enjoy the appreciation from my followers, I’ve had to remind myself that I’m sharing these photos because I like them and I’m happy to share this memory with other people that may happen to see it. It’s ok that I don’t get hundreds of likes anymore. Life is certainly too short and there is too much to enjoy to be sitting there worrying about how many likes you’re getting. I’m by no means perfect, but I do like to encourage people to be their best and enjoy life for what it is. You’ll often find #living on my posts because that is what I love to do. I love to live and enjoy all the beautiful things this life has to offer no matter where I find myself.

Having said all that, I’m very excited to share some photos, memories, and thoughts here. I’m here to write my own history. Here’s to the journey!

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