Ukrainian Women: International Women’s Day 2022

The majority of Ukrainian refugees seeking asylum in neighboring countries are women. This International Women’s Day, take a look at photos of some of these courageous women photographed at various border crossings since the war began.

Lviv, Ukraine – March 7, 2022: A Ukrainian women with her child wait at a railway station to flee the war while food and drink are provided to fellow refugees. (Photo: Ruslan Lytvyn via Shutterstock)

As the war in Ukraine rages and Russian military forces continue to invade the sovereign nation, the Ukrainian people have shown the world they will do whatever it takes to keep their country free.

Siret Border, Romania – March 02, 2022: An elderly Ukrainian woman seeking escape from war in her country. (Photo: Gabriel Preda RO via Shutterstock)

Since the Russian invasion began on February 23, we have seen resilience from the Ukrainian people. The Ukrainian military, volunteers and ordinary citizens who love their country have stayed behind to fight, aid civilians and provide support where they can. While these individuals are vital to the survival of Ukraine as an independent democracy, so are refugees forced to flee for safety outside of Ukraine’s borders.

Siret Border, Romania – March 02, 2022: A Ukrainian women and her pet wait with other refugees for transport out of Ukraine as snow falls. (Photo: Gabriel Preda RO via Shutterstock)

Men of fighting age are required to stay behind and defend Ukraine, making women and children the majority of refugees seeking asylum in neighboring countries. Many of these women have left family members behind to fight and are travelling with children, other family, friends or in some cases, alone.

A number of these women don’t know where they will go, where they will stay or what their life is going to look like from one day to the next.

Medyka, Poland – March 4, 2022: Ukrainian women who have just crossed the border rest after their journey before moving on to their next location. (Photo: Vic Hinterlang via Shutterstock)

In addition to the refugee women, there are also women in the Ukrainian military helping defend their country. In a video circulated on social media Monday (3/7), a group of armed Ukrainian women sent a strong message.

Ukraine – March 7 or 8, 2022: A group of armed Ukrainian women send a strong message they will defend their country. (Video shared across Twitter)

On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate these women. I pray for them, I stand with them, and I stand with Ukraine.

Options to Donate to Ukraine:
HuffPost shared this article with information on Etsy shops where digital products are available for purchase from Ukrainian sellers.

World Central Kitchen provides food to Ukrainian Refugees.

Book an Airbnb in Ukraine even though you won’t visit. This provides funds to local residents.

The Kyiv Independent has started a GoFundMe to help support their news organization.

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