Learning and Growing

Talk about a long hiatus!

This is what I have had from the world of blogging, podcasting and video creating. It makes me sad really when I look back on the past few months and don’t have content to make into a reel.

When I used to do Gray In Oz – The Video Blogs, that was one of the things that always excited me every season change. I would make an intro video with clips from the best moments of the previous seasons. I LOVED making those. Now that I have been not doing it so often, it makes me excited for what’s coming.

For the past six and a half years I have been a full time performer with Disney. This has been an experience like no other. I have had the opportunity to do some INCREDIBLE things that I may have never have had the opportunity to do elsewhere. All I can say about that time is that it was a blessing.

I am not in a new role, working in social media. I couldn’t be more excited and grateful. The opportunity to FINALLY be working in the Communication business after so much work and trying to do, is a new blessing.

What does all of this have to do with blogging, and podcasting you ask? Well it has everything to do with it. I finally have a set work schedule now! This means I can finally devote consistent time to my blog, website, and podcast. I have never been so excited about this to this point.

When I began recording over on Anchor, I stepped away from video. I did a few videos here and there to compliment the podcast, but it was not consistent. I am hoping to do it all now that I will have some extra time on my hands.

In the meantime, while thoughts are being thrown around, and brainstorming is happening, research is also happening. The best way to learn a craft and make a plan is to watch, listen, and learn from others who have been successful in that field.

Copy someone else? Absolutely not. But learning and adapting into something new? I am all about that.

Right now I don’t really have a set timeline for what I am going to do with my podcast, The Mix. However, I hope that once I get some solid material and outline done, it will be something I can be proud of. If you see sporadic episodes show up here and there, don’t worry. It’s part of the growing part.

I want The Mix to continue to be what it was back in August. A variety of many topics. Well roundedness is something that has always been encouraged in most of the situations I have found myself in. For someone wanting to be in news, like me, I think it’s good to be as knowledgeable on many things as possible. That is what I hope to do with my show. Have a mix!

I am always open to feedback, so I hope that whoever may read this will give me some constructive feedback as I move forward.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter and Instagram @CalebGraham or shoot me an email at EmailTheMixHere@gmail.com

Thank you for your time and stay tuned!

Is the excerpt from the new Phasma book giving us a story we’ve already seen?

Is the excerpt from the new Phasma book giving us a story we’ve already seen?

Star Wars has released a new excerpt from the new book PHASMA by Delilah S. Dawson.

In the excerpt we learn that Phasma is from a desolate planet called Parnassos.  On this planet the people are scavengers who watch for shipwrecks to gain supplies to survive on.  (Sound familiar?)

Phasma herself is the self-proclaimed “greatest warrior of Parnassos.”

In a recent episode of The Mix here on Caleb Graham TV Matt Ridge and I spoke about how we have seen a situation like this before with Rey on Jakku in Star Wars: The Force Awakens film.

In both Phasma and Rey’s cases we see them beginning their story on a desolate planet of scavenger inhabitants that live and survive off of things that they find from spaceships that crash on the planet.  Rey even lives in a wreck of an Imperial AT-AT Walker.

Cover art from starwars.com

Another similarity that we see is that Phasma is an established kick-a$$ presence on her home planet.  On Jakku in The Force Awakens we see Rey as a very sure of herself take no crap presence.  Both of these women know how to protect themselves.

A slight contrast is that in Rey’s case she is recruited to the Resistance.  In Phasma’s case she is recruited by the First Order.

There is word going around on social media that Captain Phasma may be the “new” Darth Vader of the current trilogy of films and will turn out to be Rey’s mother.

An interesting assumption that I am absolutely ok with.

What do you think?  Share your thoughts.

To read the full excerpt from the new novel out on September 1 visit the Official Star Wars Website


North Korea fires a missile over Japan

North Korea has fired a missile out of Pyongyang.  The missile traveled over the Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido before breaking up and falling into the Pacific Ocean.

The Japanese government alerted the citizens of the country to take cover.

A Japanese official, Yoshihide Suga, said the event was “an unprecedented, serious and grave threat to our nation.”

President Trump declares State of Emergency for both Texas & Louisiana

With the entire Texas National Guard now activated in the state of Texas, President Trump has declared states of emergency in both Texas, and Louisiana as Tropical Storm Harvey continues to dump historic amounts of rain on the area.
With it being the first natural disaster he has dealt with as President, Donald Trump will no doubt be in line for criticism for how he handles the situation.
So far Mr. Trump has tweeted updates when he is briefed and applauded the efforts made by local officials to keep the people of Texas safe.
President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will visit Texas on Tuesday to get a first hand look at the damage and the efforts being made to assist those in need.
If you’re interested in donating to the Tropical Storm Harvey relief efforts visit

Entire National Guard of Texas Activated As Tropical Storm Harvey Causes Historic Flooding

Once Hurricane now Tropical Storm Harvey has and is continuing to wreak havoc on the state of Texas. Some areas have experienced up to an inch of rain an hour.

The entire National Guard of Texas has been activated.

President Trump has declared states of emergency in both the state of Texas and the state of Louisiana due to the amounts of damage, rainfall, and flooding.

The rainfall total for the City of Houston, Texas will surpass their normal rainfall totals that the city gets in an entire year.

The Red Cross, National Guard, FEMA, Cajun Navy and MANY other groups, individuals and volunteers are on hand to provide search and rescue of victims of flood waters as well as bring supplies to those stranded in shelters.

From @NWS on Twitter

Local officials are asking anyone with a boat that can provide assistance with search and rescue to please do so.

The words unprecedented, catastrophic, devastating, and historic have been used to describe this natural disaster.

If you’re interested in donating to relief efforts for those affected by Tropical Storm Harvey visit


Unprecedented, Catastrophic, Devastating, Historic – Tropical Storm Harvey Batters Texas

Unprecedented, Catastrophic, Devastating, Historic – Tropical Storm Harvey Batters Texas

Unprecedented. Catastrophic. Devastating. Historic.  These are some of the words that are in reports today.  These are the words that local Texas officials are using to describe the conditions that have been brought upon their state by what was Hurricane and is now Tropical Storm Harvey.

National Weather Service Info
Taken from @NWSHouston on Twitter

As Tropical Storm Harvey continues to dump rain on Southeast Texas, people in flooded areas are stranded in their homes.  Officials are encouraging those people to stay put and not to try and venture out if they are in a safe location as flood waters are highly dangerous.

Fema Statement
A statement from FEMA about rescue efforts.

From 10 pm on Saturday to 1 pm on Sunday the 911 department in Houston received over 56,000 calls from residents seeking rescue.  On a normal day of operation they receive around 8,000.  Local officials are asking people not to call 911 unless it is an absolute life-threatening situation.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott praised the first responders saying they were doing a “tremendous” job getting people to safety.  “Our top priority is to protect life.” He said.

Hundreds of rescues have been seen in broadcasts from on-site reporters from all networks.  Many from local citizens volunteering their own resources in the form of large vehicles and boats.

50 counties have been declared disaster areas with latest rainfall totals up to 27 inches in some areas.  Forecasts show Tropical Storm Harvey going back out into the Gulf of Mexico, possibly gaining strength before making landfall again as a tropical storm and hitting the Houston area again adding more rain and flooding to the area.

From the National Hurricane Center. For more visit hurricanes.gov

3,000 state and National Guard troops have been activated as well as help from many local groups from Texas and surrounding states.

The Cajun Navy is reported to be en route from Louisiana to offer assistance.

Officials are vowing to continue search and rescue operations into the night and through the storm as safety allows.

A photo posted by KHOU News in Houston of the lobby of their station before they were forced off the air and had to evacuate. They have since relocated and are now back on the air.

Early Sunday the studios of the CBS affiliate KHOU 11 News in Houston began to flood.  They were forced to the second floor of their building to continue their coverage and eventually had to evacuate their entire studio as water rushed in.

As they were evacuated one of their reporters, Brandi Smith, stayed on the air and assisted in a rescue of a man from a truck that was sinking in the flood waters below the bridge where she was reporting.  In a video going viral Smith can be seen running alongside a Sheriff passing to inform them of the man who was in need of rescue.  A boat was lowered and the truck driver was brought to safety.

KHOU 11 was off the air for several hours.  The crew has since been relocated and is back on the air.

A viral photo of stranded seniors in an assisted living facility in Dickinson, TX.

In another viral photo circulating social media we see a group of elderly people trapped in an assisted living facility in Dickinson, TX.  Reports have since confirmed that these people were rescued and evacuated.

The convention center in downtown Houston has been opened as a shelter.

The Red Cross is making every effort to bring assistance and relief to the victims of Tropical Storm Harvey in Southeast Texas.

For more on this natural disaster tune into your local, or cable news stations and check back here at Caleb Graham TV for more.

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