Chocolate Milk!

Chocolate milk is one of my favorite things in the world. Β I drink it on a daily basis!

It is something that I have enjoyed ever since Mama used to make it for me when I was growing up.

Enjoy this video where I show you how to make the best glass of chocolate milk ever!


Have Courage and Be Kind

I’ve been sitting here at my computer for the past couple of hours reading news stories and working on some writing. Β I wanted to stop and take a moment to share some encouragement.

Over the past couple of weeks we have read and watched in the news as more and more attacks are happening in so many forms across the globe.

Whatever your faith may be. Β Whether you pray or have other customs. Β I ask that we just take some time to reflect on all of the innocents that are lost every day because of radical extremists. Β Because of terrorists.

I challenge you to do your best as I will try also to live your life and enjoy what is around you. Β Take note of the blessings that you have. Β However great or small they may be. Β Every day someone just like you loses that chance.

So let’s be grateful for this time and honor those who have been lost by being the best we can be.

I close this out with a quote from the Disney live action Cinderella film.

“Have courage and be kind.”