Unprecedented, Catastrophic, Devastating, Historic – Tropical Storm Harvey Batters Texas

Unprecedented. Catastrophic. Devastating. Historic.  These are some of the words that are in reports today.  These are the words that local Texas officials are using to describe the conditions that have been brought upon their state by what was Hurricane and is now Tropical Storm Harvey. As Tropical Storm Harvey continues to dump rain on … Continue reading Unprecedented, Catastrophic, Devastating, Historic – Tropical Storm Harvey Batters Texas

Hurricane Harvey Forecasted to be Catastrophic. 

The state of Texas has put evacuation orders underway and issued Tornado Warnings as the outer bands of the now Category 3 storm are moving in.  Hurricane Harvey has intensified to a Category 3 storm. It is expected to continuing gaining momentum and grow and wreak havoc as it makes landfall in Texas.  It is … Continue reading Hurricane Harvey Forecasted to be Catastrophic. 

Building “The Mix”

This is my third week on Anchor which means it is also the third week of the audio version of my show The Mix. It has been such fun so far! I am so grateful for Anchor and all that it is allowing not only myself but so many people to do with podcasting. I … Continue reading Building “The Mix”

Taylor Swift’s Reputation

It's funny that I have talked about her so much because I'm actually not the world's biggest Taylor Swift fan out there or anything, but LITERALLY social media is in an uproar about what she is doing. We had the removal of all of her posts on social media and her website. We have gotten … Continue reading Taylor Swift’s Reputation

The Mix with Caleb Graham on Anchor

Good morning!! As I continue on and get a little bit more serious about pursuing my journalism career, I have decided to get the ball rolling once again on a podcast! In the past my endeavors with "The Mix" have taken on several forms.  Video blogs, pre-recorded, live broadcasts, etc...  I have never though taken … Continue reading The Mix with Caleb Graham on Anchor

“Friendly” Journalism Quotes

This blog was originally published on my LinkedIn profile. I recently began studying the book Writing News for Broadcast by Patterson and Bliss. If I could post the entire work I would because it is extraordinary. I would like to share though some passages from the Foreword by Fred W. Friendly. "A reporter's primary job … Continue reading “Friendly” Journalism Quotes

Chocolate Milk!

Chocolate milk is one of my favorite things in the world.  I drink it on a daily basis! It is something that I have enjoyed ever since Mama used to make it for me when I was growing up. Enjoy this video where I show you how to make the best glass of chocolate milk … Continue reading Chocolate Milk!

Impartiality VS. Point-of-View

When you go looking for a news story to read or a news program to watch on television do you prefer to read or watch those types of organizations that are 100% impartial and only report the facts and nothing else?  Or do you enjoy catching some of those that share a little of their … Continue reading Impartiality VS. Point-of-View

Help Me Make A Difference in Journalism

In 2006 I began the next chapter after high school of going to college. After four years of time there I left to pursue a dream of performing at Walt Disney World. That dream came true and I have now been here for almost 6 years! I sadly left college without having finished my degree. … Continue reading Help Me Make A Difference in Journalism

BLOG 50! Springtime for EPCOT – The Mix

What better to use for my 50th blog post than the season four premiere of The Mix! Every year I look forward to the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival and this year was no acceptation.  Enjoy a quick look at what Matt and I did there on St. Patrick's Day. Are you going to … Continue reading BLOG 50! Springtime for EPCOT – The Mix