Welcome back to The Mix!

They say third time’s the charm! We will see as I reboot my podcast, The Mix for a third try at it. With the first two attempts being mildly successful, hopefully, with some longevity, this reboot can be everything I want it to be.

Doing a podcast, not only takes time, but it also takes consistency. This is where I’ve struggled in the past when it comes to posting new episodes. I love to podcast, but keeping myself accountable and consistent has been a struggle I need to overcome.

Having said that, I am going to do my very best to get The Mix out there once a week on Tuesdays. Now maybe, just maybe, I’ll have some additional episodes during the week, but you can bet I’ll be putting out new content weekly.

Now you’re probably asking if you’re just stumbling across this… Who the heck are you, and what is The Mix? Allow me to answer.

The Mix originally was a video blog type show I did on YouTube. When Anchor began to gain traction in 2017, I caught on and decided to take The Mix to podcast form having not had the time or right equipment to do the video format as well as I wanted to. It’s been through a couple of different variations since then, but I’m hoping this iteration will not only catch on but be a bit more fun for me personally too.

In previous versions of the podcast, I’ve talked about multiple kinds of news. Most of which ended up being super serious or political. But this time, I want to have fun! While I’m still interested in all that, I love Entertainment. Not just news about entertainment. Not just performing. Not just consuming. No. I love talking about all those things too!

Some of the most passionate discussions I’ve ever been a part of have centered around a favorite movie, book, TV show, music, you name it. Now I’m bringing that conversation to your ear in a podcast. This is The Mix!

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