Hurricane Harvey Forecasted to be Catastrophic. 

Hurricane Harvey Forecasted to be Catastrophic. 

The state of Texas has put evacuation orders underway and issued Tornado Warnings as the outer bands of the now Category 3 storm are moving in. 

AccuWeather Radar 3:30 pm 08/25/17

Hurricane Harvey has intensified to a Category 3 storm. It is expected to continuing gaining momentum and grow and wreak havoc as it makes landfall in Texas. 

It is reported that some areas could expect up to 30 inches of rain creating catastrophic conditions. The biggest threat is to the coastal areas. 
A large portion of Southeast Texas and a majority of Louisiana will experience the wrath of Harvey. Heavy rain from the outer bands will last through the weekend. 

This storm will keep a slow moving track which will create long periods of flooding from heavy rain and storm surge.

Hurricane Harvey Forecast Track from Good Morning America

Hurricane Harvey is said to be the largest storm to hit the United States in over a decade. 

Hurricane Harvey “The European” from @Daniel_Bonds on Twitter

One model even shows Harvey following a path called “The European.” If this were to happen the storm would impact Texas. After making landfall Harvey would then go back out in to the Gulf of Mexico, strengthen again and then go for a second hit. Making a second landfall. 

Weather Statement from @NWSCorpus on Twitter

While as of now it is forecasted to make landfall near Corpus Christi late Friday into Saturday with rain continuing into next week, we know these storms can be very unpredictable and change in an instant. 

Stay tuned to your local weather station for continuing coverage and also follow here at Caleb Graham TV.

Building “The Mix”

Building “The Mix”
This is my third week on Anchor which means it is also the third week of the audio version of my show The Mix.
It has been such fun so far! I am so grateful for Anchor and all that it is allowing not only myself but so many people to do with podcasting.
I have already learned a lot about podcasting and also about Anchor itself. It is such a joy to connect with people and learn more about social media from personalities like Ileane from Ileane Speaks and Kathy over at WP Barista.
Dr. DAN over at Anchor Talk also has so much useful information on using Anchor itself as a platform.
There are so many other amazing stations as well to dive into for great content.
One of the many reasons I started this podcast is to learn. To try different things. See what works, what doesn’t, and have fun in the process. That’s why I call it “The Mix.”
I like variety.
I like to talk about and learn about so many different things that there is no other title that would work.
This too is what led me to want to be a journalist. A love of learning and talking about things with people!!
Trying to build a presence on social media as a journalist means spending much time doing so.
Time is precious to me as I MUST work full-time (sometimes six days) to provide for myself while I am in school and pursuing this career change.
Having said that the format of “The Mix” will probably change and be experimented often.
microphone-2469293_1920The first two weeks I did an episode every day. I learned quickly that was not within my means. I want my shows to be done well and as professional as I know how. This means spending time on them. Researching, writing, and finding great content to talk about.
I have ranged from two to four hours spent in total just for one 20 to 30 minute episode.
While I LOVE doing it and it feels like the time just flies by it is hard to find that much time every day.
In order to be able to get the most out of the time I will for now only be doing “The Mix” on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
This will allow me to be more invested in the individual shows and then on the other days of the week I can spend some more time on the “community” aspect which is THRIVING on Anchor.
I am connecting and learning in a way that I img_0928-1never have before on social media. So being able to utilize that community is important.
This format will probably change again in the coming weeks. I will learn new ways of doing things and try different experiments while having a blast building my life as a journalist.
Cuz like I often say… it’s always fun to add something new to “The Mix!”

Taylor Swift’s Reputation

Taylor Swift’s Reputation
IG Reputation
from @taylorswift on Instagram

It’s funny that I have talked about her so much because I’m actually not the world’s biggest Taylor Swift fan out there or anything, but LITERALLY social media is in an uproar about what she is doing.

We had the removal of all of her posts on social media and her website.

We have gotten (in the form of three videos) a snake. What seems like a very unhappy snake based on the clip that we got yesterday when we finally got the face of the snake with red eyes snapping at the camera it was looking at.

IG Reputation Release
from @taylorswift on Instagram

Then we finally got the announcement that we have all been waiting for when Swift announced her new album “Reputation” which will drop on November 10.  But that’s not all folks.  You are getting a brand new single out from Taylor Swift TONIGHT!!

That’s right!  We will see what the newly invented singer has come up with to send her fans into seizures and hyperventilating episodes tonight when we get that new tune that will most likely break the internet.

Stay tuned!

Are you excited about Taylor Swift’s new single?

IG TS New Single
from @taylorswift on Instagram

The Mix with Caleb Graham on Anchor

The Mix with Caleb Graham on Anchor

Good morning!!

As I continue on and get a little bit more serious about pursuing my journalism career, I have decided to get the ball rolling once again on a podcast!

In the past my endeavors with “The Mix” have taken on several forms.  Video blogs, pre-recorded, live broadcasts, etc…  I have never though taken the idea to audio podcasting.  Until now…

Thanks to this incredible new platform called Anchor I can now have another dream become a reality.

I have always loved radio.  It is great for me because I am so busy with my job (that I must keep full-time for now because of money and benefits) that it is hard for me to remain consistent.

Sometimes though you just have to wake up and say, its time to make things happen.

I have been working my little booty off in recent months to try and save the money that I need to go back to school.  I am about halfway there, which is fantastic!  I should be paid off in a couple months, and then I can finally get back to school full time!

Like I have stated before, until then I am trying to do whatever I can do to prepare myself for the future, and also try to gain a presence on social media in the journalism world.

This is not easy to do when you don’t have a lot of hours to devote to it.

But that will not stop me!

That’s where “The Mix” comes in!

I now officially have a podcast where I can create a show three times a week that reflects my voice and where I want my career to take me.  I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Now in my third week on the Anchor platform I have virtually connected with so many incredible people and already learned so much.   I can’t wait to see where else this will lead.

To listen in you can find the podcast in three ways.  First is iTunes!  That’s right, my podcast is on iTunes!  Go into iTunes or the Apple Podcasts app and search “The Mix with Caleb Graham” and all of my episodes will be there!  You can also find it on Google Play Music if you have an Android phone.

Download the app ANCHOR!  It is an incredible place.  You can find my station by clicking here!
As always I LOVE conversation so please comment and reach out to me with your thoughts on the podcast and what I can do to make it better!

Take some time today to add something new to The Mix!!


“Friendly” Journalism Quotes

This blog was originally published on my LinkedIn profile.

I recently began studying the book Writing News for Broadcast by Patterson and Bliss.

If I could post the entire work I would because it is extraordinary.

I would like to share though some passages from the Foreword by Fred W. Friendly.

“A reporter’s primary job is to explain complicated issues and you cannot explain a complicated issue until you understand it. Of course, before a reporter can understand, he must search. And before he can do that, he must be predisposed to examine with parity facts and personalities he dislikes, as well as those he may support.”

“He must also know the tools of his trade. The grammar of broadcast journalism involves not only words but the vocabulary of sound and the dialect of pictures. The broadcast reporter is at once audio engineer, visual editor–and the producer.

…he is not only an explorer looking for the story, but he is also the artist looking for the key that will unlock the viewer’s curiousity.”

white-2523978_640“Understanding the complicated issue and concieving how to explain it with style and imagination are two of three critical steps in broadcast reporting. The final essential is the narration to tie it all together. Whether that narrative represents 2 percent of the airtime or 80 percent of the airtime, the linking copy can make or destroy the report.”

(I omitted some words from the final passage for flow.)

All quotes in this post are by Fred W. Friendly from the Foreword of Writing News for Broadcast by Patterson and Bliss.

Chocolate Milk!

Chocolate milk is one of my favorite things in the world.  I drink it on a daily basis!

It is something that I have enjoyed ever since Mama used to make it for me when I was growing up.

Enjoy this video where I show you how to make the best glass of chocolate milk ever!


Impartiality VS. Point-of-View

away-1991860_1920.jpgWhen you go looking for a news story to read or a news program to watch on television do you prefer to read or watch those types of organizations that are 100% impartial and only report the facts and nothing else?  Or do you enjoy catching some of those that share a little of their point-of-view on the story while also sharing all sides fairly?

The most recent MOOC I have begun studying is part of a specialization on CourseRA called Report the News! in conjunction with Michigan State University.

The course is titled What Is News? 

One of the recent lessons that I have been looking at talks about the difference between Impartiality and Point-Of-View journalism.

Most of us understand that impartiality in journalism is when a reporter writes or covers a story without sharing their own opinion.  Reporting the facts and giving all sides their fair share of coverage.

With point-of-view coverage it is a little bit different.  It is NOT an opinion piece.  What happens is the reporter makes known their position or stance on a particular subject and then reports on it.

For example I am believer in God.  I practice Christianity.  I can state that openly, but also report on other religions both fairly and accurately.

I also love books and to read.  Say a library is being shut down for one reason or another.  I could actively pursue that story and make sure that the story is told as to why it this library should stay.  I also should make sure though that I give fair reporting on those who are trying to have the library removed.  That sort of thing.

feedback-2044700_1920One thing that Tom Kent pointed out in a piece that I read was that you must be careful about how you share your point-of-view because we don’t as journalists want to look as if we have given an endorsement to a certain side.

In the lecture series Joe Grimm shared these five principles of POV journalism.

Five Principles of Point-Of-View Journalism – from Joe Grimm

  1. Declare your point of view
  2. Be accurate
  3. Stay fair
  4. Be accountable
  5. Credibility builds trust

The best part about this section of the course was that it challenged me to think about the type of journalist that I want to be.  As have some of the lectures since this one.  More to come on that subject.

Impartiality or Point-of-View?  Which do you prefer?