Welcome back to The Mix!

https://radiopublic.com/the-mix-a-caleb-graham-tv-podcas-WRbkqw/ep/s1!67ca7 They say third time's the charm! We will see as I reboot my podcast, The Mix for a third try at it. With the first two attempts being mildly successful, hopefully, with some longevity, this reboot can be everything I want it to be. Doing a podcast, not only takes time, but it also... Continue Reading →

Varsity Blues – The Mix – March 15, 2019

https://radiopublic.com/the-mix-a-caleb-graham-tv-podcas-WRbkqw/ep/s1!77ad6 Welcome to my podcast! I needed to take some time today to start working on a new episode because of all the frustration I'm having with this news about these people who have spent all this money to scam their kids into college. In this episode of The Mix, I take a queue from... Continue Reading →

My Grown-Up Christmas List – Song/Music Video of the Week

Many years ago, some of the American Idol contestants released a Christmas album. It was a two-disc set with the second disc being two songs from Kelly Clarkson. Both of those songs have always been staples in my Christmas music listening. "My Grown-Up Christmas List" and "O Holy Night." It was these two recordings from... Continue Reading →

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