Storm Clouds – Photo of the Week

When it comes to science, there isn’t much that I am super passionate about. When it comes to weather, I am on the verge of obsession at times.

This past week we had a day of rough storms go through Central Florida. Lots of lightning. Lots of strong winds. Lots of thunderstorms. Tornado watches and warnings.

The whole shebang!

IMG_0090I was on my lunch break that day when the storms started to roll in. I was walking around the lake behind my building and saw these clouds moving in.

I love photography and what it can capture. How it can freeze a moment in time.

I feel like when it comes to weather, it never fully can capture what it feels like to see it with the naked eye. However, I hope this photo will give you an idea of the ominous feeling these clouds brought with them as they began to move quickly into the area I was.

The really interesting thing about this about this photo, is that literally right after I got it and walked inside the storm exploded.

Check out the video below to see what happened just as I went back inside the building. You can even hear the wind rattling the doors. I was extremely lucky to have jumped back inside when I did or I might have been a little damp for the rest of my work day.

To be completely honest, I am very much hoping that when I finally become a television reporter, I will be able to cover a severe weather event. There is just something about the thrill of it that excites me.

Hope you all have enjoyed this edition of “Photo Of the Week.” See you next weekend!



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