Do Me A Favor – Song/Music Video of the Week

I haven’t spoken much about it here on my blog. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know I have a slight obsession with RIVERDALE. Ok, not a slight obsession. I have a MAJOR obsession with both RIVERDALE and Archie Comics.

The latest edition of RIVERDALE featured a musical episode. In this episode Kevin is directing the high school’s production of Carrie The Musical.

I will be honest. Going into the episode, I didn’t know much about thrilling theatrical piece that is Carrie The Musical. 

So of course I found it very interesting how well the lyrics to the songs went along with the storyline currently playing out on RIVERDALE.

My ears were particularly perking up when Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Chuck sang “Do Me A Favor.”

A song showcasing the good and the evil of the Carrie story, this song features one of those melodies that just makes me happy.

I particularly would like to note the opening lines sung by the character of Sue.

Tommy, lately
I’ve just not been feelin’ right
I’m so ashamed of how we’ve all been treating Carrie White
Now I realize this is hardly your concern
I hate to drag you into this, but I’ve got nowhere else to turn
Do me a favor

Read more: Premiere Cast – Do Me A Favor Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Something about the way Lili Reinhart sang that melody, was literally music to my ears!

Also, we can’t neglect K.J. Apa’s dance moves! 😂

Enjoy this week’s “Song/Music Video Of the Week” and be sure to catch out the other musical numbers from the latest episode of RIVERDALE.

Check back next week for another song!

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