The Mix – March 30, 2018

I was back today with a brand new episode of The Mix! Click here to listen! Today I discuss the Noor Salman trial verdict, Roseanne's comeback, and niche podcasting. I have really been struggling with trying to come up with a consistency with this podcast. Even trying to do it weekly is hard. I really … Continue reading The Mix – March 30, 2018

Building “The Mix”

This is my third week on Anchor which means it is also the third week of the audio version of my show The Mix. It has been such fun so far! I am so grateful for Anchor and all that it is allowing not only myself but so many people to do with podcasting. I … Continue reading Building “The Mix”

Impartiality VS. Point-of-View

When you go looking for a news story to read or a news program to watch on television do you prefer to read or watch those types of organizations that are 100% impartial and only report the facts and nothing else?  Or do you enjoy catching some of those that share a little of their … Continue reading Impartiality VS. Point-of-View

Daylight Savings Time

That dreaded time that occurs annually during the month of March has hit us all hard once again.  The social buzz online seems more on fire this time than it has ever in the past. A lot of people have said that they think the government should get rid of that practice. I can go … Continue reading Daylight Savings Time

National Media & Gatlinburg

I have to say I am frustrated and saddened by the lack of coverage in the national news about what has been going on in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Just because it doesn't involve terrorism or politics it is STILL a devastating tragedy just like those things are. Thousands of people lost everything. People … Continue reading National Media & Gatlinburg