Welcome October

The month of October is one of my most favorite months in the year.  It’s also one of my least favorite months of the year.

Over the past few years the month of October has been a month of lots of change for me.  Sometimes good and sometimes not so good.  But always change.  Interestingly enough October in many places across the world is the peak of Autumn.  Which is when things in nature are changing getting ready for Winter.

I have come to expect this change.  Wait for it.  I have come to mentally prepare for this annual season of beginnings and endings.  But sometimes, it sneaks up on me.  This year is one of those sneaky ones.  Where did September go?  What will this October bring to me?

Beginnings or endings?  In some cases I have been able to discern which.  This year as October arrives, I can feel as I often do, a sense of change upon the horizon.  But what will it be?  Hopefully it will be a surprise and a positive transition.

Many things in my life both professional, and personal are very “in the air” at the moment.  Honestly, that makes me slightly uneasy.  Obviously as humans we are not perfect and we cannot predict or plan for everything to come as we would like to, but sometimes it does help easy the psyche to have a clue.

You could probably say that I am not completely in the dark.  I am not always a patient person.  Sometimes I get a little impatient.

It’s during these times that I remember something Daddy has always told me.  “Don’t wish your life away.”  Ever since he first said that to me when I was in high school I have tried to always remember that when I start to get a little to big for my britches.  Or when I begin to think too far ahead and not enjoy what I have right now.

Hopefully as October unfolds I will be blessed.  Hopefully the changes of fall will bring me some sweet and much needed changes to mix up my world.

Until then…

Welcome October!!welcome_october_keep_calm

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