Boxing Day

The day after Christmas. 

I often say how depressing this day is for me. On my Timehop today there were so many past posts about how much I hate the day after Christmas cuz it just seems so void to me. It’s like all the hype and excitement is just over. 

Someone said to me that the days between Christmas and New Year’s have absolutely no point to them whatsoever. I have to agree. For me all my Christmas activities usually conclude at midnight on the 25th/26th. 

This year is a little different. I feel every emotion you can think of. Sadness because I’m leaving Alabama and my family to head home to Florida. Excitement because at Disney Christmas lasts until New Year’s Day. There are many Christmas activities I didn’t get to do yet so I look forward to that time. Also excitement about 2017 bringing some needed and exciting change hopefully. 

 New Year’s Eve I’ll be working late so no party this year. 

Every year I say that the 26th through the 31st of December will be a time of positivity for me. This year I need it more than ever. 

Join me and let’s look back on all the good and bad of 2016 and reflect and learn from our past over the next few days and just enjoy the last days of the year. 

Many blessings!!

Caleb đź’ś

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