Courage, Change, Freedom

Happy New Year everyone!

2017 is underway and might I say it has already been a roller coaster.

From currently being sick, a new president coming into office soon, to changes on the horizon for me–2017 is definitely hitting me hard already.

The three words that title this post are my go to words for 2017.

Courage, Change, Freedom

Those are three very powerful words when you really stop to think about them.

2017 is hitting hard which is forcing me to have courage.  Courage to face everything that it is throwing my way.  Some of that might bring some change.  That change will hopefully lead to many freedoms for me.  Most of which are too personal for me to share publicly, but one big one is going back to school.

If you have followed any of my life via social media, or if you know me personally, you understand how important school is to me.  While I have been in and out of online classes several times over the past three years, it has still always been at the forefront of my mind to get my degree.  Hopefully I will be able to make that happen in 2017.  Or at least begin the process.  I have a lot to do.

I want to challenge anyone who reads this to come up with three words that you hope to summarize your 2017.  In December as this year comes to a close I will be looking back and asking myself if my words did summarize.  I will also do the same of you.

I pray that all of your 2017s have begun positively and you too are having courage to face whatever may be coming your way.

Much love!


You have to make what you want to see in the world.  That is basically your obligation if you’re an artist.  For that matter, even if you’re a plumber.” ~Carrie Mae Weems~

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