Taylor Swift’s Reputation

IG Reputation
from @taylorswift on Instagram

It’s funny that I have talked about her so much because I’m actually not the world’s biggest Taylor Swift fan out there or anything, but LITERALLY social media is in an uproar about what she is doing.

We had the removal of all of her posts on social media and her website.

We have gotten (in the form of three videos) a snake. What seems like a very unhappy snake based on the clip that we got yesterday when we finally got the face of the snake with red eyes snapping at the camera it was looking at.

IG Reputation Release
from @taylorswift on Instagram

Then we finally got the announcement that we have all been waiting for when Swift announced her new album “Reputation” which will drop on November 10.  But that’s not all folks.  You are getting a brand new single out from Taylor Swift TONIGHT!!

That’s right!  We will see what the newly invented singer has come up with to send her fans into seizures and hyperventilating episodes tonight when we get that new tune that will most likely break the internet.

Stay tuned!

Are you excited about Taylor Swift’s new single?

IG TS New Single
from @taylorswift on Instagram

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