The City Beautiful.  I have lived here for almost five years.  It has become my home.

NEVER thought I’d say I live in the city which is now home to what is the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.  The largest terror attack since 9/11/01.

What a statement.  What a week for Orlando.

Three tragedies in a week.  Christina Grimmie, PULSE, Lane Graves.

I will be honest and I’m sad to say that I had never heard of Christina Grimmie until the morning the news broke of her death. I’m not a regular watcher of The Voice so I had never heard her sing.
Boy have I missed out. I have watched videos, read testimonies of her by people who loved her, and read things she has said and done.
This girl was freakishly talented. But let us remember her mostly as a woman of faith who lived her life for much more than what she was famous for. A true gem and angel that we may say was “g
one to soon” but lived a very full life even though it was short.
May God bless you and may you use that voice now alongside Him.
Prayers to her family and friends and all the fans who loved her.

I have been to Pulse, I have friends who went there often.  It wasn’t just an LGBT locale.  It was an EVERYBODY locale.  To meet friends were whatever reason and just have a great time.

The Grand Floridian Resort is one of mine and my friends favorite places to visit.  We have walked that beach.  I’ve watched the fireworks sitting in the sand.

Since I live in Orlando and because I’m a performer, this definitely hits home.  Because I worked with people who were at Pulse that night, this definitely hits home. I work at the place where that precious child lost his lif13394061_1791913917708185_8764437538350421761_ne, so that also hits home. It ALL hits home.

When does this mess stop? Can it ever be stopped?  All three of these events could have been prevented if people were aware and paying attention.  I don’t blame anyone for not stopping any of these.  I just challenge people to be aware of your surroundings at ALL times.  Read signs, do what they say or don’t say because they are there for a reason. Watch people.  Know who is around your proximity.  IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING.  That means tell somebody about it that can help it.  Fred Rogers said that his mother told him to “find the helpers.”  My challenge is for you to BE THE HELPERS.  Help stop future tragedies.

Because I love my faith and it is the foundation of my existence I also feel the need to put this out there.
I do so, because it has been posted on their social media that they were coming to Orlando to cause a stink.  Today is has been confirmed that they WILL NOT be coming here.  Praise Jesus!
Please KNOW and UNDERSTAND that groups like Westboro Baptist Church are NOT an accurate representation of ALL Christian institutions. As a Christian and someone who has been brought up in a Christian home and family, these people are NUTS. They in no way represent what Christianity is about! No church I’ve ever attended has taught hatred. Jesus called Christians to LOVE!! Because He LOVED, on every person he met no matter who they were. These people show nothing but HATRED and it disgusts me.

I now kindly ask that you pray not only for the families and friends who were affected by those lost this past week, but pray also for those of us who are mentally affected and grieving over the overwhelming sense of loss that is felt by these three horrific events.

Love often. Encourage often. Hug often. Support often. Don’t let anyone in your life not know that you love and care for them.

Stay safe out there my loves!!
Many blessings!!

Caleb 🙂

Romans 5:8
John 13:34
2 Timothy 1:7

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