A Time of Healing

It has been almost one month since my life became a time of stress, uncertainty, and hesitation.

This is why I took a little hiatus.  So much was going on and we needed some time to heal.

It is still going on, that’s for sure, but now is a time of healing.

A month ago, my father in Alabama began having lots of breathing issues.  He was full of fluid and basically drowning.  He began going to the doctor and then less than a month later he was going under for open heart surgery.

Also during this time there has been the terror attack on my City Beautiful.  This is not to mention lots of other tragedies in the world and other personal struggles of my own.

Having said all that, it’s definitely a time of healing.  Which I am blessed to have.  I am getting to spend several weeks in Alabama helping my family get through this and to aid in Daddy’s healing process.  He is finally home today after almost a whole week in the hospital.

Though times are tough I am grateful.  Even though hardships are not fun and it seems like they will never end, I always come out on the other side thankful for the experience.  You know why?  Learning.  Every circumstance, good or bad is an opportunity for learning. Also for wisdom.

As part of healing comes fun.  If you have ever read this blog, or watched GIOTV, you know that I love to have a good time.  So it’s time to get back up and start having good times again.

After the Orlando terror attack I paused my uploads of the current season of The Mix.  This was out of respect.  It was also for myself.  To give myself time to soul search, grieve, and reflect on what was happening.  Also to be with my family and help them through this time with Daddy.  It gave me the outlook that I must enjoy the life I have.  I must make the most of what I have and continue to strive for more.  Continue to strive for the goals and dreams that I have.  Will it be as easy as eating a piece of cake?  Absolutely not, but I am going to make it happen!!

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