Red Carpet Dreams – Photo of the Week

Who better to celebrate in International Women’s Day than my Mama, Pam Graham, and my girl, Minnie Mouse?!

Last week I brought back my former blog series “Song/Music Video of the Week.”

This week I am bringing back “Photo of the Week!”

I love this photo because it means a lot to me. My Mama is here with some other family visiting for a few a days at Disney. My Mama loves Disney World. I love her! We both love Minnie Mouse.

Literally these are my best babes.

My family will always hold the First Class spot in my heart. Mama is in the front seat.

I hope you enjoy this first photo as I bring back this series. It’s only fitting because I love photos so much and am very passionate about them looking nice.

Check back in every Thursday as I share a photo that has inspired me during the week.

Thanks for checking in and I’ll talk to y’all soon!!

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